Sunday, June 14, 2009

Registering to directories

While the subject of a following post is gently cooking in the oven, I'm registering this blog to directories. So, I now have a Technorati Profile (and it sounds like I need to publish this link to complete the registration).

Am I culinary challenged ?

On the seventh day, while God was taking his rest from all the work he had done, I decided to cook !

But I'm not a cook at all and I can barely boil water (*).

My blog will be all about trying recipes, my mistakes and hopefully my success. I'm ready to the worst and to the best. I'm pretty confident to be able to taste some yummy food made all by myself but I guess I'll have to pass through some food tasting like hell.

During my experiment, I hope to discover why the result never look like the picture in the recipe book.

(*) Well, not exactly true. But my cooking skills are very limited from what I learned watching my mother, aunts and grand-mothers while they were cooking. They almost never used cookbook and they almost never measured ingredients. So I cook almost the same way, remembering their "recipes" with no idea of the quantity to use, no idea of cooking time, etc. Family "recipes" and kitchen time with women of my family are great memories and I end with decent food but I also end, a little too often, with overcook or undercook food, gravies too thick or too thin, etc.

So my goal is mostly to improve my skills, try new recipes (instead of sticking to the same food all the time) and have actual recipes that work.